Forest Township Online


The Forest Township Hall is located at 130 East Main Street in Otisville.


Booking Agent: Lisa Margrif 810-631-4997





Rental Information

All rentals require a $200.00 deposit. A cleaning fee of $150.00 will be charged for events with alcohol, etc.

Saturday - Prime Day




Sunday - Thursday (all day)
Sunday - Thursday (hourly)

4 Hours


2 Hours

Rent for local service organizations:
Prime Day

1st in Calendar Year


2nd in Calendar Year

Additional Days
Non-Prime Days
For Meetings and Gatherings - Not a Fund Raiser
Silvery Anniversary Party

Non-Prime Day (all day)

Anniversaries (50 years or more)

Non-Prime Day (all day)


The township hall is also free for funderal dinners if the decesased was a Forest Township resident and if the hall is available.

You may reserve the hall the day before your event for a charge of $75.00. You may not use the hall until after 4:30pm.