All Paper Products Must Be Bagged Separately.

Place Together In Brown Paper Grocery Bag

Newspapers and Phone Books

Magazines/Junk Mail

Mixed Office Paper

Box Board


Newspaper inserts

Phone books

Glossy magazines

Glossy catalogs

Glossy flyers

Glossy brochures


Letters, photo copies & scratch paper

Computer paper

Cereal boxes

Dry food boxes

Shoe boxes/tissue boxes

Paper towel rolls

No plastic wrappers, metal or board inserts

No product samples

No plastic/metal

No plastic windows

No laundry soap or frozen food boxes

No wax coatings-milk and juice cartons-others

No plastic windows, metal strips, foil

Stack neatly in brown paper bag to avoid fly away

Keep materials clean

Remove and discard non recyclable materials

You can mix all paper together in one bag

Remove and discard liners, cellophane windows, strips

FLATTEN all boxes

Place all boxboard neatly into brown paper bag or bundle lightly with string

Place Loose in Recycling Bin


Brown paper bags

Corrugated is two layer board with wavy middle laye

No wax coated boxes

No food containers

No wood/foam supports

FLATTEN all boxes

Tapes & staples OK

Bundle and tie corrugated cardboard in 2'x2' sections


Place Loose in Recycling BinAluminum and TinAluminum and tin food cans Foil pie plates and food trays - rinsed Tin lids and can ends - rinsed Lined cans OK Empty aerosol cans

No large items or scrap metal

No coated foil wrappers

No dirty metal

No unrinsed food containers


Remove paper labels

Remove ends

Flatten as much as possible

Place Loose in Recycling Bin

Pastic container labled 1 or 2 on the bottom

Milk jugs - rinsed

Detergent bottles/rinsed

No automotive oil containers

No coated foil wrappers

No dirty metal

No unrinsed food containers


Remove lids and caps and discard

Crush if possible

Labels OK

Place Loose in Recycling BinGlasses

Clear, gree, brown online - rinsed

Unbroken jars and bottles - rinsed

Rinsed container glass only

No plate glass, light bulbs, mirrors, or beverage glasses

No ceramics or cook ware

No frosted, blue or black bottles



Labels OK

Remove lids and caps - discard plastic

Metal lids OK when separate